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The market

The global bra market  is estimated today at 1.5 billion units  sold  annually. Thus  the unrealized business opportunity is vast and  open to unlimited product developments and improvements

Our company

We are an Israeli company that develop and build unique machines and technical solutions for the intimate apparel  bra industry worldwide.

We offer an array of products and tailor made innovative solutions for bra and bra cup manufacturers .

We specialize in fabric and foam bra cup molding machines , utilizing full automation and robotics in order to maximize a lean and efficient production floor for getting the best possible output and quality.

Furthermore our  machines have other enhancements over current solutions which include : Automated size adjustment function : Increased fabric yield : Wi-Fi based control  functions :  Mobile tracking application for monitoring all proccesses .  

As a result of our exclusive technology and experience of the product , we also offer   technical support and upgrading and modification of existing machines in the market.

D. Mold tech-steel molding machines

The structure of the mold machines for both fabric and foam is exclusive in many aspects , offering improved efficiency , human engineering , savings in electricity and spare parts and increased output and quality.

The machines are engineered so that the heat loss created in the molding operation is minimal , which results in significant savings in consumption of electricity and more user friendly working conditions and productivity .

Most importantly , the exchange of the mold patterns can be performed efficiently and quickly  by the operator as there is no need to wait for the mold to cool before handling.

To conclude

Our technology is exclusive from many aspects: efficiency , human engineering ,huge savings and increased output.

The technology characteristics elaborate the uniqueness and benefits

that it’s users can get : best quality, very fast “ROI”.

Enabling and gaining strategic  advantages in the market.
We can provide more info upon request. 

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Business Development /Marketing Executive

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