Fabric Machine


Two – four head plates allowing eight bra cups  to be molded simultaneously on one machine in 30 to 60 seconds . Highest output is with fabrics such as nets or with a higher presentage of Lycra where two layers  can be molded together resulting in 16 bra cups in one molding process!  This output is higher than any of our competitors.


The molding  process is performed without discoloring  of  fabrics , particularly with  white and light shades that are temperature sensitive.  As well as with antibacterial finishes which are also sensitive to temperature .


The machine is equipped with a holding device  which can be applied to pre-cut bra cups ,  enabling a saving of up to 40% in  raw material consumption!.


A computerized touch screen that enables total control over the depth of the mold patterns and the temperature thus allowing data gathering for future 4.0 industry. 


This machine also exists as a “half machine configuration” with a 4 head one plate machine. This offers flexibility for different production line capacity needs.

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