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1. Machine Parts, Tooling and Manufacturing Services

Machine Parts

Our Manufacturing Services Department provides complete manufacturing solutions for high precision parts. We manufacture a wide assortment of spare parts for the textile industry as well as for other industrial applications. Parts are manufactured using the latest in machining technology such as CNC machine tools for accuracy and consistency.
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Tooling for Tech-Steel Machines

Tooling for our machines is available as a manufacturing service to our customers. Our company is equipped with the full loop of technologies for tooling design and manufacturing. Dies can either be designed on our CAD system by our engineers or created from a model scanned on our optical, CNC scanning system. Quick response and short lead times are our trademark in tooling supply.
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Manufacturing Services

J&D Tech-Steel Machining technologies include:
  • I.D. and O.D.
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Surface Grinding CNC Machining
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2. Custom machines: design and development
Our R&D department consists of highly trained and experienced mechanical engineers who specialize in design and development of machines and fixtures according to customer specifications. Projects are executed in the “Turnkey Mode”, from the design stage right through to a working, industrial solution. Our engineers work together with our customers in order to achieve the optimum solution for each application.

3. Customer Support and Training

We at Tech-Steel realize that no machine can be better than the person who is operating it. Therefore, when you purchase a Tech-Steel machine, you acquire with it the instruction and training that will help you realize the machine’s potential.With each purchase of a Tech-Steel machine you will receive operation and maintenance instruction for the machine at Tech-Steel’s headquarters. Customer training can also be carried out on site at the end user’s location at a reasonable cost.

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