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Multipurpose Thermal Press: MP-4

This sturdy, heavy duty, and yet compact machine is suitable for both product development and high volume production applications. A machine that develops along with YOU! Its easily adaptable, modular design makes it an ideal tool for product development. A must in every design department! Its compact size and versatility make it easy to create manufacturing cells composed of a number of machines operated in parallel by a single machine operator. An automatic part handler is available for the foam molding application!
Support after the sale: Molds, dies and spare parts are available directly from Tech-Steel.

Possible machine configurations:
  • Fabric Molding of precut fabrics (significant savings in material costs)
  • Bubble and Slope Molding
  • Foam Molding
  • Post Molding on finished garments
  • Embossing designs and emblems on finished garments
  • Seamless Apparel
  • Plastic Hats

Quick changeover times due to its user friendly set-ups. Tooling dies are easily centered and aligned using a machine master tool.

User friendly operation and controls:
  • The machine is PLC controlled and integrated with an MMI (Man Machine Interface).
  • Operation mold and user messages are displayed on the machines MMI LCD screen.
  • The different manufacturing configurations all use the same PLC program.

Human Engineering:
  • Easily accessible, ergonomically designed workstation.
  • The operator works in a seated position on a comfortable, industrial chair.

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