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Cloth performing machine: JmolD 4

Support after the sale: Molds, dies and spare parts are available directly from Tech-Steel.

Technological Innovation:
  • Closed Loop, motor driven depth setting mechanism. Mold depth is set by keying in the desired mold depth on the digital machine controller. The encoder controlled motor drives the depth mechanism to the correct position for achieving the desired mold depth. Mold depth can be set absolutely and adjusted incrementally.
  • Each heating element is controlled by an independent temperature controller in order to obtain optimum results from each station.
  • The machine is PLC controlled and integrated with an MMI (Man Machine Interface) module. Service, operation mode and alarm messages are displayed on the MMI screen.
  • MMI display available in several different languages (English, French, German, Spanish). Additional language interfaces (using the Roman alphabet) can be programmed at customers request.
  • Molding speed and clamping pressure can be easily and dynamically regulated.

Production efficiency and throughput:
  • A high volume production machine.
  • Estimated machine throughput: 170 molded pairs per hour (based on molding delay time of 30 seconds).
  • Quick set-up and production run changeovers:
    • Molds and locking plates are easily accessed through the rear service door.
    • Molds and dies are easily and quickly centered
    • No need to wait for tools to cool down in order to change tools for new production run.

Safety of Operation:
  • The machines Pallet system allows for part handling without the need for the operator to handle fabrics in the hot areas of the machine.
  • Pallet interference detection: A light beam that moves along with the pallet detects obstructions in the way of pallet motion and stops pallet travel upon the detection of such an obstruction.
  • Rear Service doors equipped with electronic interlock mechanisms.
  • Two handed initiation of machine operation

Human Engineering:
  • Easy access to controls and tools make for a user friendly machine.
  • An ergonomically designed workstation. The operator loads and unloads both machines from a single location equally accessible to both machines.

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